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Fine-Thanks Restaurant
River Kwai Road
034 621152 - 034 621153

Fine-Thanks Restaurant directions
Fine-Thanks, the perfect dining and relaxation in the center of Kanchanaburi alongside the world famous River Kwai.

The restaurant offer a wide selection of Thai and International cuisine. Our team of chefs can create the most famous local specialities and favourites from all over the world. With two dining areas, both outside in the large patio area and inside our air conditioned building, you are sure of a comfortable dining experience with excellent service and attention.

Cater for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and any other event. They offer business people, an excellent venue for dinner meetings in friendly surroundings.

The air conditioned bar area is the perfect place to escape and have a few drinks.There is large screen TV's so one can watch the latest sporting events live via the newly installed satellite TV.

The real heart of "Fine Thanks" is the large outdoor patio and beer garden. With seating areas overlooking the River Kwai, soft music and the ENORMOUS TV screen, this is the ideal place to relax with friends.

The stunning waterfall overlokking the patio finishes off the decor perfectly. The gentle sound of water in the background gives a unique atmosphere.

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Fine-Thanks Restaurant

Fine-Thanks Restaurant

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